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“My sentiments for the American Cause…have never changed.  I am still of the opinion that it is the cause of Liberty”  -- Christopher Gadsden

The American victory at Saratoga in 1777 and their Treaty with France in 1778 transformed the war in America. The potential influx of fresh French troops to swell the ranks of General Washington’s Army drove the British to rethink their colonial strategy. As a result the British moved their efforts from the middle colonies to the southern colonies where it was believed sentiment for the crown’s cause ran strong. Having secured Savannah in 1779 the British turned their eyes on Charleston and South Carolina. When the British crossed the Savannah River South Carolina became the focal point of the revolution.

The years, 1780-1781, in South Carolina saw some of the most intense fighting that occurred in the revolution as both Loyalists and Patriots both rose up in numbers to fight for or against the crown. The struggle for independence during those two years saw over 200+ actions, skirmishes, and battles fought in South Carolina resulting in the names of Marion, Morgan, and Tarleton and places such as Kings Mountain and Cowpens entering American lore.

Crown and Crescent models the two years of intense, fierce fighting in South Carolina adopting and modifying the unique and innovative command and control mechanics created by the Ragnar Brothers for ANGOLA!  These mechanics keep players guessing, create plenty of tension, and reward the right balance of boldness and caution as you guide your forces towards independence or crushing the revolting colonists. The map is divided into seven districts, encompassing 6 to 7 key locations each, used to show control of the district. Control enough key locations and you’ll then control the district and therefore advance on the victory point track towards winning the game.

The counters represent military units and auxiliaries such as artillery, rifled and light troops, grenadiers, dragoons, and cavalry. A unique command and activation system has players planning in secret the order in which they will activate a limited number of their units for the turn. The players then take turns activating their units in the determined order. The result is a tense game, with players trying to analyze the map and out guess their enemies.

Crown and Crescent can be played with between two to four players (Continental and Whigs vs British and Tories).

Designer: Bryan Collars

Developer: Scott Blanton


  • One 22”x34” full-color map
  • Two full sheets of counters (352 5/8" counters)
  • One full color rule book
  • One deck of 55 cards
  • 4 player aid cards
  • 20 dice

All component images are playest sample images not final art.

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