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Nagashino 1575 & Shizugatake 1583 is the first volume of a serie dedicated to Sengoku jidai . It consists of a double-sided zone map, 216 beautifully illustrated counters, 24 pages rulebook - French and English - , one game aid and two scenarios. The scale is 300m per zone, 45 minutes per game turn and 500 men per counter. A game lasts 2 to 4 hours and is ideally for 2 players. It is an area movement game.

The Battle of Nagashino 1575 marks a tactical turning point in the wars in Japan of the Sengoku jidai (1467-1615) or Warring states; Daimyo Oda's army, made up of ashigaru teppo (infantrymen equipped with arquebuses) supported by ashigaru naga-yari and yumi (pike and bow) defeat the terrible charges of the samurai cavalry of the Takeda clan.
As for the Battle of Shizugatake 1583, it is unique in its kind as it takes place on the heights of a wooded mountain and begins in the middle of the night ...
Prepare for fast and bloody battles where tactics are essential!

Game scale Grand tactical 300 m center to center area 45 minutes per game turn 500 to 1000 men per counter. 


Number of players : 2
Difficulty (scale from 1 to 5) : 3
Duration of the game : 120 to 240 minutes 

The game includes: 

Two 59 x 41.6 cm maps (one sheet back printed) 216 pre-cut cardboard counters 18 x 18 mm
1 cardboard player aid
A book of rules and scenarios 

Rules and player aid both in French and English

—description from the publisher

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