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The SYW Battle Series (SYWBS) games are playable grand-tactical portrayals of battles of the Seven Years War. The series’ intent is to show how command operates on the battlefields, using the weapons and tactics of the period. The system emphasizes command & control and playability.
The games all share the following characteristics:

  • Scale = 200-220 m/hex (219-240 yrd/hex)
  • Time = 30 min/Turn
  • Counter = 1 Brigade, 1 Battalion, 1 to 3 Squadrons, 1 Battery, 1 Leader

Each unit's historical flag and uniform are displayed on Counters, Orders/organizational Displays, and Orders of battle (in Playbooks).

Torgau 1760 simulates the battle fought on the 3rd of November 1760 in northwestern Saxony during the Seven Years War. King Frederick II the Great commanded the Prussian Army: 48,500 men (62 bns, 102 sqns) and 246 guns in total. F.M. Leopold Daun commanded the Austrian Army: 55,500 men (67 bns, 116 sqns) and 275 guns in total.