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While most “Waterloo games” either lock players into the circumstances of that famous battle, or give some small leeway into the overall circumstances of the “100 Days” battles in Belgium, they all suffer from a similar narrow focus. You will have the Armée du Nord face some combination of Blucher and Wellington and everyone just does the best they can.

But any reading of the 100 Days shows a flurry of activity—key, historical events—which no one has bothered putting into game form.

Until now.


Beyond Waterloo, designed by John Prados, begins with Napoleon entering Paris and the Coalition Allies facing choices about what to do about this.

We’ve all read the events that follow. Napoleon feverishly works the diplomatic channels while trying to reform a government and rebuild something like La Grande Armée. The allies put aside their quibbling over the new lines on the map of Europe, declare Boney an “outlaw,” and start mobilizing about a million troops to invade France.

Repeat, Beyond Waterloo begins with Napoleon entering Paris. Each player gets to pursue these grand strategic paths we’ve all discussed about many times but never gamed. The map includes France—ALL of France—plus Belgium, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Get the picture? This time, the players will have different choices. “Beyond Waterloo” means WATERLOO MAY NOT HAPPEN AT ALL! Or if it happens, the players will be part of why it happens!

This is a rare opportunity for some genuinely alternative history exploration. The game involves military, economic, and diplomatic paths, and totally new design elements. Because of the complexity and “newness” of many approaches, the game offers a layered approach, beginning by teaching players a new way of having combat that is both strategic and nuanced for the era. And yes, you can fight “just the Battle of Waterloo” if you wish! At the next level of instruction, we get to the “Basic game.” (Yes, when have you seen “phase 2” in complexity called “the Basic Game?” ) Here the players begin to deal with strategic issues, economics, administration systems, and other factors scarcely deal with in any game, much less one on the 100 Days. As players work up to the Advanced Game, they include diplomacy, force mobilizations, politics, and how each of these impacts and molds grand strategy.

Beyond Waterloo gives players the first ever chance to actually PLAY the situation we’ve all read about regarding Napoleon’s return. Now the varied circumstances in Switzerland, Spain, the Vendee, disgruntled allied countries (who aren’t getting what they wanted at the negotiation table), spy networks, and the politics of Paris are all PART of the game. Yes, you’ll find the familiar names of Wellington, Ney, and Blucher included, but also Soult, Schwarzenburg, Charles, and even Murat’s bizarre effort in Naples.

John Prados has been part of some of gaming’s real milestones… Rise and Decline of the 3rd Reich, Army of the Heartland, Campaigns of Napoleon, Panzerkrieg. For ATO, he’s delivered award winners like Fortress Berlin and Khe Sanh, 1968. Beyond Waterloo sets another milestone that gamers will talk about for years to come.


This is the Waterloo game serious students of the end of an era have been looking for. The 2011 Annual will be a landmark of historical gaming. Make sure you get yours now!


Bonus Game Included

In 1921, Billy Mitchell's bombers sank a German submarine, destroyer, light cruiser, defunct US battleship... and the "unsinkable" dreadnought Ostfriesland. While the US Military worked hard to avoid the implications, other nations were paying attention. The British were the first to put those implications into action, when, in 1940, their almost absurdly obsolete Swordfish torpedo bombers (known to pilots as "the Stringbag,") made a devastating attack on the Italian fleet in harbor at Taranto. The Japanese were paying attention. Now you can too, with "Terrible Swift Swordfish," our painfully-titled (but fun!) solitaire game available as a bonus with Beyond Waterloo. Complete with full-color 11" x 34" map, 108 colorful, mounted die-cut counters, and the simple charts and rules you need to aim to do better than the Royal Navy.


Game Components:

·         22" x 34" Map

·         The map covers the region from northern Italy to western Germany, from beyond the Rhine River to the Atlantic Ocean, and from northern Spain to southern Belgium, including all of France. Off-board movement of forces in Austria, Italy, Spain/Portugal, Britain, and Prussia/Russia is represented on displays with movement tracks. Map also displays Battle Sequence, Turn Sequence, Turn Track, and Diplomatic Status of major Allied nations opposing Napoleon.

·         420 1/2" Counters (1 1/2 counter sheets)

·         28 Pages of Rules (To be detached from the ATO Annual 2011 magazine)

·         1 8-page Player Aid Chart (PAC) (To be detached from the rules)

·         1 Allied Organizational Display (To be detached from the rules)

·         24 Tactical Battle Cards (12 each side)

·         Game box consisting of 1 12-compartment tray and lid

·         2 6-sided dice

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