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The history of the British expedition to Walcheren (Holland) in 1809 records an awesome disaster. The game represents the environment, logistical nightmares and other difficulties that the English Command met.

In July 1809 the largest British expeditionary force ever assembled weighed anchor off the Kent coast and sailed for the island of Walcheren in the Scheldt estuary.

The map of Walcheren 1809 represents the Southern part of the Walcheren Island and the fortress of Flushing (Flessingue or Vlissiningen), the theatre of the battle.

The players have two different tasks. The British player has to march towards Flushing fortress in order to avoid a strong occupation by enemies. In order to do so he risks attrition and diseases. In effects there was fighting with the French, but the worst casualties were inflicted by diseases. Dysentery and other infectious illnesses arising from the unhealthy swampland killed thousands and incapacitated many more, causing the abandonment of the inglorious expedition.

The British lost over 4,000 men to a disease called "Walcheren Fever", thought to be a combination of malaria and typhus.


The French player has two options:

1- attack the British columns try to delay their advance

2- retreat inside Flushing and flood the area nearby (mining the dams)


Victory is assigned to the British player by controlling the fortress of Flushing. The French player wins if he has the control of Flushing while having eliminated 10 British units. Any other outcome is a draw.

This is a zip-lock game.



1 hex = 1 km

1 unit = 1 battalion



·         one A3 map

·         140 die-cut counters;

·         A rule booklet