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Wydawca: Vae Victis

Magazyn o historii militarnej i grach wojennych w języku francuskim wraz  z grą.


Ref : VAE071


The game is part of the "Jours de Gloire Empire" series by Frédéric Bey, the updated series rules of which are provided in Vae Victis issue 71 (this issue). A separate set of game specific rules are also included.


This game is the regimental or brigade scale reconstruction of Napoléon's battle of Iéna which is seen by the author as the more important battle as it avenged the humiliation of Rossbach. As usual, the rules are in French and the counters need to be mounted.


Note: The counter sheet also contains seven (7) corrected counters for the previous issue game, Tonkin - La Guerre d'Indochine 1950-1954


As with all Vae Victis games, the counters need to be cut out and mounted. The rules are entirely in French, although translations are available online:


Tłumaczenie zasad na język polski do pobrania z portalu Strategie:


Tłumaczenie tabel na język polski:



Spis treści:


·         ANALYSE : Advanced Tobruk System (Critical Hit)

·         REGLES : Basic Impetus

·         ART DE LA GUERRE : Retraite de Russie 1943-1944

·         ENCART-JEU : Iena 1806. Notre jeu complet avec rčgles, cartes et planche de pions

·         ECOLE DE GUERRE : Maitriser Tonkin 1950-1954

·         ANALYSE : Pax Romana (GMT)

·         CRITIQUE : Indigčnes

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