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Reprint Edition Note: The reprint will include all changes in the 2006 edition, with any errata cleaned up, as usual. It will also ship with a MOUNTED MAPBOARD.


For the People is a grand strategy game of the American Civil War covering the conflict from Texas to Pennsylvania, from the firing on Fort Sumter to the end at Appomattox Court House. You take the role of either President Lincoln or President Davis and command the armies, promote and relieve generals, conduct amphibious assaults, dispatch cavalry raids, and even battle incompetency and political intrigue among members of your own cabinet.


For the People includes a deck of strategy cards for conducting campaigns and incorporating the many events and personalities of the war. The Confederate player can build ironclads, naval mines (torpedoes), submarines, conduct overseas purchases, and work towards foreign intervention. The Union player can build up his naval blockade, his ironclad fleet, fight draft riots, secure the Border States, and issue the Emancipation Proclamation. Relive the history of this exciting time when our nation was torn asunder.

TIME SCALE            4 months per turn

MAP SCALE             Point-to-point system

UNIT SCALE            6,000 men per strength point



  • 420 full-color, die-cut counters
  • One 22x34" full-color mounted mapsheet
  • 130 Cards [101 Kb pdf]
  • 40-page Rule and Scenario Book
  • Player Aid Card
  • Two 6-sided dice



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