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After Fallen Eagles (Waterloo 1815), Rising Eagles simulates Napoleon's greatest victory: Austerlitz.

Game scale is regiment level for units, 250m per hex and one hour of real time per turn. The map has been produced by the combined efforts of Rick Barber (topography) and Sebastien Brunel (graphics, as in Fallen Eagles).

The game will include at least three short scenarios, together with a full battle scenario, offering alternative options to simulate the ‘fog of war’ and battle plans.


The order rules In Rising Eagles will have an even greater impact than those in Fallen Eagles. The ability to change orders will be reduced and it will be more difficult to “recall” formations, once launched. Initial planning will be an important feature, as befits a Napoleonic battle of such a scale.


Game includes 3 short scenarios :

• Davout’s stand in the South. The battle for Telnitz and Sokolnitz

• Bagration, Lannes and Murat: Stalemate in the North

• The Great breakthrough in the center and the battle of the Guards


Each scenario has its own map for a better comfort.

A campaign covers the full battle in a reasonable time.




·         4 countersheets, for a total of 468 counters

·         2 backprinted maps, A1 size (84x60cm)

·         one rulebook

·         one playbook

·         11 full color play aids

·         18 playing cards

·         a box

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