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The Austrian Army is a Coalition expansion for Commands & Colors Napoleonics.


Prior to the Napoleon wars, the Austrian Empire stretched from Italy to the Netherlands and from Poland to the Balkans. Its Position in the center of Europe, however, made it the perfect target for revolutionary France and in April 1792, France declared war on Austria. The first war lasted for 5 years. Austria renewed the war against France in 1799 and again in 1805, but in both cases was swiftly defeated. In April 1809, judging that Napoleon’s army was bogged down with the fighting in Spain, Austria invaded Bavaria, but Napoleon recovered quickly and Austria’s defeat at Wagram led to another humiliating peace treaty.


Even though the Austrian army was the third largest in the world, the Austrians lost many more battles than they won. At the time of the Napoleonic Wars, the Austrian army was a large multi-national army, made up of Austrians, Swedes, Hungarians, Englishmen, Scots, Irishmen, Walloons, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Croats, Serbs, and even French royalists.

The infantry regiments were large and somewhat reliable, but the tactical formations and drill were still entrenched in the past. The cavalry, although well mounted, still applied the practice of scattering their formations in small bodies, which greatly reduced their combat effectiveness. In general, the Austrian army did enjoy many successes on a regimental level, but at the brigade, divisional and corps levels its commanders were often woefully inadequate.


In this expansion you will find 20 historical scenarios that focus on the Austrian Army battles from 1805 to 1809 against Napoleon, plus all the new units you’ll need to field for these engagements.




Wertingen - 8 October 1805

Günzburg - 9 October 1805

Haslach-Jungingen - 11 October 1805

Elchingen - 14 October 1805

Mariazell - 8 November 1805

Clash At Pordenone - 15 April 1809

Sacile - 16 April 1809

Teugen-Hausen - 19 April 1809

Rohr - 20 April 1809

Eggmühl - 21 April 1809 (Day 1)

Eggmühl - 22 April 1809 (Day 2 Attack on Eggmühl)

Eggmühl - 22 April 1809 (Day 2 French Left)

Eggmühl - 22 April 1809 (Day 2 French Right)

Eggmühl - 22 April 1809 (Day 2 Alteglofsheim)

Aspern-Essling - 21 May 1809 (Day 1 Aspern)

Aspern-Essling - 21 May 1809 (Day 1 Essling)

St. Michael-Leoben - 25 May 1809

Wagram - 5 July 1809 (Gross-Enzersdorf )

Wagram - 6 July 1809 (Macdonald’s Square)

Wagram - 6 July 1809 (Davout at Markgrafneusiedl)




·       Scenario Booklet w/ 20 scenarios

·       2 National Unit Reference Cards

·       4 Block label sheets

·       1 Terrain Tile Sheet (15 double-sided terrain tiles)

·       1 Square and Counter sheet

·       344 Wooden blocks

·       1 double-sided Terrain Effects Card