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Continuing the Jours de Gloire series, the Battle of Issy, 1815, designed by Frédéric Bey is a complete, standalone game included with RBM Studio's C3i magazine, number 32. (Also included in this issue is the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863, designed by Mark Herman.)


The Battle of Issy was fought on 2 and 3 July, 1815, in and around the village of Issy, a short distance southwest of Paris. The result was a victory for Prussian General Hans Joachim von Zieten over a French army commanded by General Dominique Vandamme.



·       The standalone historical wargame “The Battle of Issy” by Designer Frederic Bey

·       “The Battle of Gettysburg" by Designer Mark Herman (including map and counters)

·       Articles on boardgames Ukraine '43,Pendragon, Banish All Their Fears and more!

·       Inserts for Table Battles, Holland '44, Pericles and others!