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  • Heroes of Black Reach
  • Smolensk
  • Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga
  • 1066
  • Black Cavalry Normandie
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  • Advanced Squad Leader
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  • Les batailles d’avril 1809
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  • Les décors désert (suite)


  • Ecole de Guerre et Serious Games
  • Les jeux de rôles à thème historique

Art of War

  • Campagne des 5 jours 1809

Wargame with die-cut counters

The Eagles of the Danube


March 1809, for months Austria has been arming itself to take its revenge on Austerlitz. The major foreign powers have refused to follow and so Austria must go to war alone. The time is propitious because the Great Army is at the other end of Europe, in Spain, facing a combative people, and Austria hopes that the German peoples will rise up against France as well. On March 30, its armies, led by the Archduke Charles, invade Bavaria with no declaration of war in hopes of surprising the French army dispersed in Germany before their reinforcements can arrive. Will it be able to hold out until the arrival of the Emperor or will the Archduke push it back north of the Danube in disorder? Complexity : 5/10


Duration : 1 hour

One unit : 1 division

1 strength step : approximately 2 500 men

Modules : 1 tactical module

1 game turn : 2 days

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