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Magazyn S&T nr 265 z grą Shiloh: Bloody April, 1862– rozwinięcie klasycznej gry Avalon Hill pt. Gettysburg ’77. Skala brygady, 100m na hex, tura odzwierciedla jedną godzinę walk. W zasadach między innymi zaskoczenie, zmęczenie, ostrzał z dystansu, flotylla. Trzy scenariusze pozwalają rozegrać poszczególne dni bitwy lub jej całość.


S&T 264

Shiloh: Bloody April, 1862


The design, by Paul Koenig, uses an evolution of the old-Avalon Hill classic, Gettysburg ’77. Each game turn equals one hour, and each hex on the map represents 100 yards. Units of maneuver are double-sided brigades. Rules cover: roads, surprise, fatigue, rout, organization, ranged fire, reinforcements, army organization, gunboats, night, and more. There are three scenarios: one for each day and a combined look at the entire two-day battle. Historical set-ups are provided for all scenarios. The short scenarios can be completed in about four hours. The game includes a 34x22 hex map and 176 large-sized NATO-style, back-printed units. Solitaire play is doable. The turn sequence is as follows.


Confederate Disorganization Phase

Confederate Movement Phase

Confederate Combat Phase

Confederate Reorganization Phase


Union Disorganization Phase

Union Movement Phase

Union Combat Phase

Union Reorganization Phase


Players: 2



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