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Adowa was the first big defeat of an European power in Africa. Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II managed to defeat an Italian army through a combination of bravery, deficiencies in the Italian chain of command, and well exploited chances during the battle. The Italian Army fielded Italian infantry battalions, veteran Ascari battalions, and less experienced native units like Oculè-Cusai bands and mobile militia.

The Ethiopian Army was made of provincial armies made up of feudal militia and led by a Ras (Warlord).

This battalion level game comes with:

  • a map, 216 counters, player aid cards and rules booklet
  • map, counters and setup rules for Dogali, a scenario for the Ascari game previously published by ACIES.

Will you be able to continue the Italian African Dream by managing your Generals or will you suffer an utter defeat? Will you win the day thanks to St George or loose the throne and the Empire?


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