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Czasopismo miłośników planszowych gier wojennych z grą Battle of Belmont.


Belmont – Grant Moves South, November 7, 1861, by John Poniske

Ulysses Grant – who is he? Prior to the battle of Belmont at Belmont on November 7, 1861, this was a valid question. General Grant’s Belmont offensive was his first action in the war, providing him and his green mid-western troops much-needed experience. Having overrun a rebel camp, he claimed victory. But later, Confederate general Polk would claim victory for forcing Grant and his troops to quit the battlefield and chasing them aboard their transports.

Complexity: Medium 

Solitaire: High

Map scale: 225 yards/hex

Unit scale: Company

1 Map and 1 Countersheet


—description from the publisher