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Wydawca: White Dog Games

The Last Stand: Little Big Horn June 25, 1876 is a low complexity solitaire wargame on the Battle of the Little Big Horn or Custer's Last Stand. A game turn consists of: Encampment Activation (Activating Native American units) Movement Offensive Fire Defensive Fire Rush Combat Rally The player controls US Seventh Cavalry under General Custer. Native American units are activated as the player approaches them. The game system controls their movement and combat. Each unit has a combat strength (CEF value), firing range, and movement ability. The player wins if he or she can control a tribal hex for a full turn. The player loses if more than 20 CEF points in the game. The game includes several alternative history scenarios that explore the possibility of the day's events going differently. For example, in one scenario, Benteen's Battalion arrives earlier to aid 7th Cavalry. In another, the player has access to a Gatling Gun that never made it to the actual battle.