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Volume II in the War of 1812 Game Series follows up the successful limited edition of War Along the Chesapeake (Volume I). War Along the Gulf Coast allows gamers to refight Andrew Jackson's campaign against British General Pakenham's British invaders. The game uses the proven Blue & Gray combat system where morale is as important as the number of soldiers. You are limited in how many units you may move based on the number of action points you receive, plus a random number of action points based on your commander, and play an Event Card, not necessarily in that order. This means no two games will play alike. Movement is location to location. When the two armies end a move in the same location a battle occurs and the action moves to the battle board.


  • Mounted Game Map Board showing the gulf coast
  • 30 Large Red Blocks (24mm)
  • 30 Large Blue Blocks (24mm)
  • 2 Sets of Labels
  • 4 Red dice
  • 4 Blue dice
  • 2 Rule Books
  • 2 Player Aid Cards
  • 2 Battle Boards
  • Game Box