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"We Were Not Cowards" is an operational simulation of the last battle of the Second Empire. It uses a rules-engine heavily inspired by The Library of Napoleonic Battles rules by the illustrious Kevin Zucker and OSG. Several scenarios allow for a quicker french response to Prussian Maneuvers the day before creating a salvageable situation for the French. Each hex is approximately 1KM and units are divisions which can break down into their subordinate brigades. Maintaining a chain of command allows players to freely act with their units, while units outside of command range must rely on initiative. Special rules are included for French Chassepot and Mitraileuse and the obliterating power of Prussian Krupp artillery.

All of the rules and most of the art is already finished but everything needs to be reformatted, part of pre-order profits will go towards doing so.

This is our first game outside of the 2140 series and is the first of several efforts to see games our heroic CEO designed a few years ago that have sat languishing among other ideas, priorities and projects. This will include a 22x34” map, 560 half inch counters, several player aids along with a rule-book and 2d6.

—description from the publisher

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