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Ballarat Goldfields, colony of Victoria, Australia
Sunday, December 3, 1854

We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other, and fight to defend our rights and liberties.
- Miners' oath of allegiance to the rebel cause

From what I have seen today, I am convinced more than ever that very strong measures are necessary on this goldfield and the sedition must be put down by force. The disaffected must be coerced.
- Captain Pasley, acting Aide de Camp

The troubles on the Victorian Goldfields that culminated in the Eureka Stockade are a misunderstood event in Australian history. Reports in England, Canada and California at the time show exaggerated expectations that this was the start of a widespread revolt against British Colonial misrule. In Australia, it was usually reported as a minor aberration of no serious or immediate consequences, merely a protest against taxes that got out of hand rather than the culmination of a chain of events. So, who was correct ? The colonial Governor, Sir Charles Hotham reported to the British colonial secretary George Grey that if the battle was lost at Ballarat then the colony of Victoria was lost to British Sovereignty. The game is designed to both teach about the events at the stockade and to serve as an introduction to military and historical boardgames.

Each map hex is approximately 60 meters from side to side. Each unit represents 10 men in the historical scenario (in the Hotham's nightmare scenario, each unit represents approximately 20 men). Turns represent a few (about 5) minutes.

11x17" map (also in two 8.5x11" parts)
108 counters (available in two different styles)
1 Players' Reference Sheet
7 Page Rules