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Waterloo 1815: Napoleon's last battle is a game that recreates the decisive encounter fought between the French army and the Anglo-allied and Prussian coalition on June 18th, 1815.

The counters represent the actual units that fought the battle. They come in different sizes, making it easy to tell infantry from cavalry from artillery. Infantry and cavalry units are brigades, while artillery ones are batteries. Each unit displays the following information:

- Corps designation.
- Brigade designation.
- Commander's name.
- Morale.

Besides, there are unit cards that provide combat and movement values for each specific unit type.


The game is played in turns, composed of two player turns. Each player's turn consists of the following phases:

- Reorganization.
- Artillery Defensive Fire.
- Artillery Offensive Fire.
- Movement.
- Defender Fire.
- Attacker Fire.
- Combat.

Optionally, event cards can be used to add historical variants and uncertainty to the game.

Victory is determined at the conclusion of the last turn, with players getting victory points for securing important locations, eliminating enemy units or killing Napoleon or Wellington.


  • Luxury box.
  • Tablero-Mapa A1, assembled size and 2mm thick.
  • 2 marker Sheets
  • Cards to help players and combat boards.
  • Rule booklet
  • 4 colored dice (2 red and 2 blue)
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