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After the failure of Napoleon´s attempted takeover of Spain in early 1808, with a crushing defeat at Bailén in July with the surrender of a whole Corps under Dupont, plus defeats also at the sieges of Gerona, Zaragoza and Valencia, the French armies were almost back to their border, the Spanish army on the move, and a British army had landed in Portugal under a new commander, Sir Arthur Wellesley, future Lord Wellington.

Action was needed, and Napoleon mobilized 100.000+ veterans from Austerlitz, Jena and Eylau and lead them personally, aiming to definitely conquer Spain. He did not know that a hard fought six year war had just begun.

The Library of Napoleonic Battles TLNB-series, evolved from the very successful Napoleon´s Last Battles, combining a high level of historical detail and beautiful and accurate maps with excellent playability, is covering, at Brigade level, (almost) every major Napoleonic battle.
Napoleon in Spain is focusing on the first and second British interventions in Portugal and Spain in 1808 and in the two major battles of the second campaign of the "Guerra de la Independencia" in 1808.

Battles simulated are

  • Vimeiro - Wellington vs Junot. Portugal Reprised (21 August 1808)
  • Espinosa de los Monteros - Victor vs Blake and the Spanish Army of the Left (10-11 November 1808)
  • Tudela - Lannes vs Castaños. Defeat of the Spanish Army of the Right (23 November 1808)
  • La Coruña - Moore's Rear-Guard vs Soult (16 January 1809)
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