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GIVE US VICTORIES is a game about the Chancellorsville campaign, fought during the American Civil War, when 130,000 soldiers of the Union Northern Army clashed with the much smaller Northern Virginia Army, led by General Lee.

General Hooker, newly appointed by President Lincoln, was in command of the Army of the Potomac. Lincoln’s engagement letter ended with the words "Give Us Victories”.

The game begins on April 30, 1863, with the Army of the Potomac now beyond the Rappahannock and Rapidan, marching toward Chancellorsville. The game is of intermediate complexity and has simple and intuitive rules. The command system is the heart of the game: you simply check how many points you have in a turn, choose the formations to activate (divisions for the Confederates and corps for the Union), and put them in a cup. Your opponent does the same; then mix and pull…! Formations may move, attack, entrench, bombard and so on. Special rules cover the use of skirmishers, trench building, and bridge building. Players perform actions alternately with a random activation system always engaging and different, creating chaos and uncertainty, in a realistic and tense simulation.

Give Us Victories - The Chancellorsville Campaign contains 4 games in a box:

Main game - 2 standard maps, 2 counter sets (figure and Nato style, so players can choose), medium difficulty, 6-8 hours for the campaign, 4 scenarios, 2 variations.

Strategic game - 1 A3 map, 1 counters set, 1 hour of gameplay, low difficulty.

Solo game - AI simulates Army of the Potomac, 1 counters set; uses the same maps of the main game.

Skirmish game - set of paper toy soldiers, landscape elements and counters; low difficulty, playing time 30 minutes.

It uses the same system as that of RADETZKY’S MARCH

• 2 standard maps
• 1 A3 map (strategic game)
• 1 12x10 (cm) map (variant for main game)
• 4 counters set, 17 mm side (+600 counters)
• Set up charts
• Rules aid, tables, solo game display, solo game booklet
• Paper soldiers (cardboard)
• Rules booklet (Main game, scenarios, strategic, solo system, skirmish)
• English, Italian