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Battles of Napoleon is an epic game series that simulates the most famous battles of Napoleon on a tactical scale sharing an elegant and cohesive ruleset. 

The series portrays the most important aspects of battles of the Napoleonic era with easy to learn and remember rules, intuitive mechanics and procedures. This enables players to focus less time consulting the rulebook and more time on strategy, tactical decisions and gameplay.

The system focuses on the “cat-and-mouse game” of coordination and timing of the various formations of the different arms without unnecessarily complex or excessively thematic gameplay that too often compromises game-flow. 

The scale of the series is appr. 150 meters per hex. Infantry units are battalions; artillery are batteries, and cavalry are represented as regiments.

EYLAU 1807 contains 1120 large (15mm) counters, 280 alternative counters, 2 huge map sheets (each 86 x 55 cm) with large hexes, 4 charts and tables, 125 wooden cubes, 2 counter trays, 1 rules manual and 4 customized dice. 

Thanks to the successful funding on Gamefound and the unlocked stretch goals the components of the game are upgraded: the dice are customized and the charts and tables are deluxe (printed on 2mm grey carton) and the game includes 280 alternative counters.

Marc von Martial, one of the best graphic artists in the business, is in charge of the artwork. Gamers can expect beautiful, era-style maps and counters, and they will not be disappointed by his skill and love for detail. 

Game design by Uwe Walentin. 

Game Contents:                                                

  • two 88 x 56 cm map sheets
  • 1120 counters (15 mm)
  • 220 alternative counters (15 mm)
  • 40 grey and 42 black cubes
  • 20 blue and 20 green cube
  • 2 Army charts
  • 2 OOB charts
  • 2 play aid charts
  • 2 tally sticks
  • 2 counter trays
  • 4 custom dice
  • 1 rulebook

Game Features:                                                

Players: 1- 2
Age: 14 years & older
Play Time: 180 minutes+
Historical Period: Napoleonic
Complexity: 5/10
Solitaire: 7/10

Game Credits:

Game Designer: Uwe Walentin
Illustrations & Art Direction: Marc von Martial

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