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The Boer War is the first entry in this new series from Joseph Miranda and Canvas Temple Publishing. Boer War is based on the conflict between the British Empire and the Boer Republics of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal, which started in 1899 (generally known as the Second Boer War). The game covers the first year of the war; the conventional phase when the Boers could have gained a conventional victory. The latter part of the war was primarily a guerrilla conflict that did not officially end until 1902 and by which point a British victory was pretty much inevitable. In the game, each player is trying to seize an early victory: the British, in order to forestall the aforementioned guerrilla war, the Boers to gain sufficient support in Europe for their claims to full independence.

The game has three scenarios. Two of them begin with the commencement of hostilities in October 1899 and the initial Boer successes. The third begins with Lord Roberts taking command of British forces and launching the counteroffensive which took the major Boer towns.