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Game that recreates the popular uprising against the French invasion of Madrid on May 2, 1808 after kidnapping the royal family. It will begin after the uprising, the French War or the Peninsular War.

Game for two players: French and Spanish, with 6 turns.

Historical game or wargame whose objective is for the French player to control the districts of the city of Madrid.
The Spanish player must prevent this control and eliminate the greatest number of French troops, decreasing the French victory level.

- 30 Cards
- 2 player help sheets
- 2 sheets of die-cut tokens (total 192)
- 42*57cm map
- (+2 sheets to help the player by stretch goal if possible)
- Rules of the game (16 pages including: 6 rules pages, 2 optional rules pages, 2 tables pages, 1 scenario page and 5 commentary and historical simulation pages)
- (+1 optional scenario sheet per Stretch Goal if possible)
- Box of 30*22*4.5 cm

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