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The first of the four battles occurred on the 17th and 18th of February: Mormant took place 3 days after the Battle of Vauchamps, covered in "La Patrie en Danger." The last two battles were fought in late-March: Arcis followed 8 days after Reims, from "Napoleon Retreats." With all three games you can contemplate a 12-battle Grand Campaign.


Each game includes:
Game Box
3 Maps 34"x22"
1 Map 40"x22"
2 Counter Sheet (560 die-cut player pieces)
2 Booklets (System Rules and Study Folder)
17 Player Aid Cards
5 Resource Cards (Adding the Cards Folder, Combat Tables Folder, Orders Slip Sheet/Sequence of Play, Victory Worksheet, Cards Removed from Deck/Scenario Parameters)

NOT INCLUDED: Optional Card Decks
This game uses the two TLNB Universal Card Decks (French and Coalition). If you do not have them in Napoleon's Wheel or another OSG game, they can be ordered separately.

UNIVERSALITY: The same decks can be used for every game in the series. Click the link above for a description.

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