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1870 - French Emperor Napoleon III has dreams of expanding his empire and aspires to be like his more famous uncle. He believes that with his French army's zeal and his leadership, his nation will be able to annihilate the Upstart Prussian Empire. Meanwhile, the Prussians have been preparing for war. They have convinced many of the German States, including the Kingdom of Bavaria, to join their cause. The respective armies are destined to clash at Sedan. Both factions expect victory and to become a dominant force in Europe. The stage is set.

"The Battle of Sedan" is a low to moderate complexity tactical game of the French disaster at Sedan during the Franco-Prussian War. One player commands the combined Prussian-Bavarian forces while the other player commands the French army.

AGE: 12+
TIME TO PLAY: 60-90 Minutes
DESIGNER: Stephen L. Kling, Jr.


  • 64 game pieces (5/8" inch)
  • A single rulebook with design notes (4 pages)
  • 20 game cards
  • A single game map (11x17" inch)
  • 1 six sided dice

©2023 The Historical War Game Company, LLC.
Published under license by Blue Panther LLC.

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