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GETTYSBURG 1863 is Volume IV in the Old School Wargames Civil War Brigade Battle series. The game allows gamers to refight the historic and pivotal battle of Gettysburg in 1863 using a large mounted map board, large pieces, and a streamlined set of series rules that is just 8 -12 pages long. The Battle Booklet will give you historical details, design, notes and 7 scenarios:

July 1 - Meeting Engagement
July 1 - Take That Hill (Can Ewell take Culp's Hill?)
July 2 - The Fight for the Flanks
July 2 - The Fight for Little Round Top
July 3 - Lee's Folly
July 4 - Should Meade Have Attacked?
July 1 - July 4 (the full battle)
The single day scenarios should take between 1 to 3 hours to play with the full battle taking 6 - 10 hours to play.

Special rules for early or late arrival of reinforcements, Follow up attacks, new terrain rules for multi level hex changes, a new rout rule, and more!

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