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March 7-10, 1865, North Carolina.

The battle began near Kinston, as the vanguard of Major General Jacob D. Cox’s 13,000-man force originating from New Bern approached the Confederate defensive line along the Southwest Creek. Cox’s orders were to ensure that the Atlantic & N.C. Railroad operated from the port at Morehead City to the key rail center at Goldsboro, where Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman sought to resupply his formations before continuing the march toward Virginia. Operating on faulty intelligence, Cox was unaware that Confederate General Braxton Bragg had concentrated a force of almost 10,000 in the area to either defeat or turn back his advance. And so, the battle began…

The Battle of Wyse Fork offers a historically authentic experience for both new and returning players. One player takes the role of Union General Cox, tasked with seizing an important rail supply point. Confederate General Bragg is trying to prevent Cox from reaching his goal and delaying the Union advance.  

Outflank your foes by using the different terrain hexes to your advantage. If you are the Confederate player, deploy the CSS Neuse into battle. With only 15 turns to play, the average game can be enjoyed in under two hours. The game also has optional rules for players looking for extra depth.

Designed by Bill Molyneaux and Developed by Kim Meints

AGE: 14+
TIME TO PLAY: 60-120 minutes


  • 1 Rules of Play (16 pages)
  • 1 16 x 32" inch map
  • 1 Terrain Chart
  • 54 Game Pieces
  • One six-sided die (1d6)

© 2024 Bill Molyneaux Games,
Published by Blue Panther LLC under license.

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