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Stonewall Uprising is a two-player asymmetric deck-building game in which you play as either The Man or Pride, fighting for or against equal rights.

On your turn, you can either play a card from your hand or fold. Playing cards moves one of three tracks in the game; Systemic Support, Public Opinion, and Individual Support. Getting to the end of these tracks gives the side it lands on an immediate effect, and then resets it to the middle of the track. Folding allows you to take the value of your hand at the end of the round and gain new cards from your market, but be warned - once you have folded your opponent's cards are doubled in value! You will however get to draw a card for each card they play while you are folded, but will that be worth it?

As the decades progress from the 1960s, to the 1970s, and finally to the 1980s, watch as your strategy and tactics stretch and morph based on the changing tides. Events can sway certain strategies, and the cards you're able to buy shift as the decades pass.

The Man's goal is to detain and demoralize 10 people from Pride's deck to take the wind out of Pride's movement. Pride's goal is to shift the Overton Window and to organize protests, demonstrations, and sit-ins to sway the public, represented by their dice pool, to keep their movement's momentum going well past the 80s. The game ends immediately when either of these conditions have been met.

-description from designer