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Within two weeks, the Russian offensive against Heeresgruppe Mitte (German Army Group Center) fulfilled its objectives, opening a 400 km breach in the German lines and destroying a large number of enemy divisions in the process. For the first time on the Eastern Front, the Wehrmacht was unable to stabilize the situation. Our first title, Bagration 1944, covers the first two weeks of the battle. Warsaw 1944 covers the following weeks with the Red Army reaching East Prussia and the Polish capital. The two games can be played independently or linked for a campaign game.

Warsaw 1944 is a game for two players, one player assumes the role of the commander of the Axis forces on the Eastern Front, and the other player assumes the role of the commander of the Soviet forces. The game map represents the areas over which the campaign was actually fought. Each hex is 20 km across. It uses playing pieces that represent the actual military units that participated in the campaign. The Axis units represent divisions and some smaller units. The Russian units are mostly corps. Each turn represent two days of real time. There are 15 Game Turns in Warsaw 1944.



- 1 counter = 1 division (German), 1 Army Corps (Russia) with independent armored units (battalion and brigade for the Germans, regiment and brigade for the Soviets)

- 1 hex = 20 km

- 1 turn = 2 days



·         1 color map 59,4 x 42 cm

·         - 192 die-cut counters

·         - A full-color Rulebook (8 pages in english, 8 pages in french)

·         - 2 Player Aid Cards

·         - Ziplock