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Wydawca: Lock 'n Load

Lock ‘n Load: A Day of Heroes is the simulation of that battle. The return of the famed Lock ‘n Load tactical game system to the modern era, A Day of Heroes includes a 17" x 22" map portraying the market section of Mogadishu where the American soldiers fought the Somali militia, counters that include rangers, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Pakistani and 10th Mountain soldiers, Somali militia, SAWs, M-60s, M203s, RPDs, Mobs, road blocks, Somali Technicals, American helicopters, HMMVs, M1A1 Abrams (for a hypothetical scenario), a complete Lock ‘n Load rule book, players aid cards, ten scenarios, and dice.

Aidid's militia possesed dozens of technicals. They were dangerous in that they frequently carried the heaviest weapons in the Somali's arsenal.

The Somails counter mix includes techicals mounting both machineguns and recoiless rifles.


Scenarios Include:

·         Stand and Deliver: Depicts Alpha Company, 2-14 Infantry of the 10th Mountain's fight to relieve the Rangers. They didn't suceed.

·         Ambush - Another smallish scenario recreating the Somalis ambush of a Pakastani patrol on June 12, 1993.

·         Chalk Two's Run - This recreates Chalk Two's advance through Mogadishu to secure the first crash site.

·         Technical Difficulties - This recreates Chalk One's advance through Mogadishu to secure the first crash site. This will take the action through an entirely different, more southerly section of the map, where Somali Technicals were more numerous.

·         Convoy to Hell - This recreates the Convoy's efforts to reach the crash site, and then to exit the south side of the map. they must also keep the VIPs they are transporting alive.

·         The Alamo- This recreates the fighting that occurred the night after the assault, when Somali Militia attempted to dislodge the Rangers and Delta fighters from their defensive positions around the Wolcott crash site.

·         A Day of Heroes- This recreates the entire action without scripting. Helicopters may or may not get shot down. The Somali player will have greater flexibility to create roadblocks and mobs, and the American player will have the full allotment of Rangers and Delta to work with.



·         152 x 5/8" counters

·          12 x 7/8" counters

·          6 x ž" counters

·          1 x 17" x 22" map/playing area

·          9 scenarios, including a campaign scenario

·          40 page 8.5" x 11" rule book, plus 4 pages of module-specific rules.

·          1 x players' aid card 11 x 17"

·          2 x dice

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