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C3i Magazine, Nr27 will be our first 64-page, full-color issue.

Below is a list of the articles and a Complete Bonus Game Insert in C3i Magazine Nr27.


Table of Contents – C3i Magazine, Nr27:


Fire in the Lake – COIN Series in Vietnam

A Fireside Chat with Game Designers

Mark Herman and Volko Ruhnke

By Sam Sheikh




In Civil War Games There Should Be Ships, lots of Ships…

Or “Why Rebel Raiders on the High Seas Came To Be”

By Game Designer Mark G. McLaughlin




Rebel Raiders on the High Seas

Players Notes

By Game Developer Fred Schachter




Cuba Libre – COIN Series

Designer’s Notes, alt-History, and Variants

By Game Designer Jeff Grossman




Iron & Oak

Two New C3i Scenarios

Scenario C3i-1: Galveston – January 1863

Scenario C3i-2: Cat-and-Mouse (hypothetical)

By Game Designer Jim Day




The Battle of Dertosa (Ibera), 215 BC

C3i SPQR Deluxe Version GBoH Module

By Game Designer Dan A. Fournie




Empire of the Sun

Fighting for a Negotiated Peace: Japanese Strategy against the Big Three

By Mark Herman




Soviet Dawn (C3i Insert Game – States of Siege Series)

Simulating The Russian Civil War

By Game Designer Ted Raicer




Soviet Dawn (C3i Insert Game)

How the Bolshevik Revolution Survived

By Game Designer Darin A. Leviloff





Two New C3i Scenarios:

• Battle of Kovel, Part I, July 1944

• Battle of Kovel, Part 2, July 1944

By Game Designer Jim Day




Bloody April

New C3i Nr1 Scenario:

7 June 1917

By Game Designer Terry Simo




C3i Interview with Hall of Fame Game Designer

Jack Greene

By Sam Sheikh




Clio’s Corner Nr4:

Ignorance is bliss or how to put the fog back in war

By Mark Herman




4 new Combat Commander Scenarios:

Scn 117 Avanti, Tridentina, Avanti, Russia, 26 January 1943.  Italians vs Russians

Scn 118 No. 4 Commando, France 1942.  Brits vs Germans

Scn 119 Sky Fall, France 1944.  Partisans vs Germans

Scn 120 Deadly Convoy. France 1944.  Partisans vs Germans




The New Countersheet included with C3i Magazine Nr27 includes 140 (1/2 inch) and 88 (5/8 inch) full color counters for such games as:


Soviet Dawn (C3i Insert Game); Roads to Moscow; Eutaw/Guilford; Bloody April;Rebel Raiders on the High Seas; No Retreat North Africa; Mr Madison’s War; Cuba Libre; Oriskany; Alesia; Deluxe SPQR; Empire of the Sun; Andean Abyss; Iron & Oak; Devil’s Horsemen; Chariots of Fire; and Flying Colors




Complete Bonus Game Insert

Soviet Dawn: The Russian Civil War (States of Siege Series)


Color Mapsheet, Counters, Cards, Player Aids & Rulesbook

By Game Designer Darin A. Leviloff

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