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Wydawca: One Small Step

The Sendero Luminoso insurgency against the government of Peru, 1980-1995 (though it is still sputtering away today). Guerrilla fronts and cadres engage in a vicious insurgency against the government's corrupt and untrained security forces. Chrome includes narcoterrorism, the MRTA (a rival guerrilla movement), and United States support. One 17x22" area-movement map of Peru, 140 double-sided, die-cut counters, abstract troop and time scale. Originally from the Microgame Design Group, now with updated rules, counters and map.


Game Design: Brian Train



·         1 8-Page Rules Book

·         140 half-inch full-color, die-cut counters

·         1 17x22 Map/Playing Surface

·         Charts and Tables sheet

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