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Wydawca: One Small Step

1964-5 in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, in the period before the first United States Army and Marine units arrived to bring the war into a new phase. Montagnard tribesmen of the Civilian Irregular Defense Groups, raised, trained and advised by Special Forces A-teams, try to prevent the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army from controlling the population and opening supply routes to the coast. The game focuses on processes of progressive recruitment, population control, evasion and detection. One 17x22" area-movement map of the Central Highlands region, 140 double-sided counters, company to regiment scale.


Game Design: Brian Train



·         1 16-Page Rules Book

·         140 half-inch full-color, die-cut counters

·         1 17x22 Map/Playing Surface

·         Charts and Tables

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