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The Footlocker is stuffed full of all kinds of Warfighter goodness: extra cards (including some revised cards from both the core game and from Expansions 1, 2, and 3, featuring new traits and rules), more counters, a scenario book, and version 2 of the rulebook, to add to your copy Warfighter.

The Footlocker introduces night combat and mini-missions to Warfighter.



1 Huge Footlocker Storage Box - 350mm x 230mm x 150mm

1 Huge Mounted Display Sheet - 33" x 17"

1 Counter Sheet (new Player Aid counters & more Ammo & new Ammo)

2 Decks of Cards - Including all Revised cards from Wave #1.

Scenario Book

2nd edition rulebook

10 Plastic Card Dividers

1 Deep Dish Tray

Rule Sheet