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This is the ziplock version of the Tactical Combat Series (TCS) version of Bloody Ridge. The ziplock contains everything the original game does except for a box and dice.


September 12, 1942: Bloody Ridge portrays the fighting that occurred around “Bloody Ridge” on the island of Guadalcanal from 12-14 September 1942 between US and Imperial Japanese forces. The Japanese are attempting to recapture Henderson Field, the airstrip they abandoned when the Marines first landed on 7 August. The Marines are trying to hold the perimeter south of Henderson Field to prevent the Japanese from recapturing the airstrip.


Bloody Ridge is a small, low counter density addition to the award winning Tactical Combat Series (TCS) designed by noted Guadalcanal historian Michael S. Smith. Meticulously researched, including extensive Japanese sources on the battle, Bloody Ridge is sure to be enjoyed by both amateur historians and tactical-level gamers alike!


Unit Scale: Platoon and Section

Hex Scale: 125 yards/hex

Complexity: Medium

Solitaire Suitability: Medium


The Tactical Combat Series (TCS) contains realistic, playable games of specific World War II actions. The game system was designed to handle two roughly regimental-sized forces in battles lasting a day or two.


The system’s emphasis is on command and combined arms effects, with  a relatively simple set of combat and movement systems.  Designed to simulate the experience of combat command without burdening a player with cumbersome detail. The command rules impose realistic limits on the player’s ability to rapidly change missions.



·         One map

·         280 counters

·         Scenarios

·         Series Rules

·         Bloody Ridge Specific Rules

·         Two Dice

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