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Wysyłka w ciągu: 2 dni
Wydawca: One Small Step

Game Design: Brian Train


VIETNAM, 1969--The Tet Offensive is over, but the Communist insurgency on the Central Coast has not been defeated. The South Vietnamese 22nd Division, the Republic of Korea's Capital Division, and the American 173rd Airborne Brigade face off against mixed National Liberation Front forces and elements of the North Vietnamese 18th Regiment. Both sides strive to gain and keep control of both the physical and human terrain in Binh Dinh province while subduing the enemy. Concentration versus dispersion, massive firepower versus stealth and concealment, "hearts and minds" versus terrorism and atrocity--all the quandaries of counterinsurgency are here for you to explore.


Binh Dinh '69 is a simpler game (than Green Beret Folio No. 2) on insurgency in this coastal province of Vietnam in 1969. The game was originally designed for use in a university history course on 20th Century violence. It uses a topic-specific system rather like Green Beret's but taken up a notch, with a bucket-of-dice combat resolution method. Like all folio games so far, 17x22" map and 140 double-sided counters are included.