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The World in Flames Collector's edition Super Deluxe Games' Set consists of the:

  • World in Flames Collector’s Edition Deluxegame(CS 1-9, 18-22, 24 & 46-54)
  • America in Flames game(CS 26-28);
  • Days of Decision III game(2 x CS 13 & 3 x CS17);
  • Patton in Flames game(CS 31-35);
  • Africa map (full-colour 514 x 534 mm papermap);
  • Scandinavian map (full-colour 330 x 197 mm papermap);
  • Khaki in Flames kit(CS 40-45), (only required for America in Flames, Patton in Flames and KiF option 41 (WiF Intelligence), all World in Flames Collector's edition commonwealth counters are now in Khaki);
  • Free World in Flames Collector's edition (Virtual) companion (which includes high quality images of all the counters, maps and rules graphics and text as well as all the technical data and production specs on all the combat aircraft and naval units of world war II), expected to be released within 3 months of of release of the Collector's edition
  • most recent 2 Annuals~ currently Millenium WiF Annual (incl. CS 30, Politics in Flames) & 2008 WiF Annual (incl. CS 39, Factories in Flames);

for a total of 2 magazines, 4 games, 7 expansions, 1 virtual companion, 15 maps and 9240 counters (and a couple of pages of rules:)!


But wait, there's more, much much more!

Extra benefits to all First class members (WiF Collector's edition Super Deluxe owners).

1) Free hard-mounted Scandinavian map sent freight free when printed (expected within 3 months of release of the Collector's edition);

2) Free download of the Beta (development) version of Craig Walter's Vassal version of World in Flames: the Collector's edition when it is ready for testing (expected 3 to 6 months after World in Flames: the Collector's edition is released). The release Vassal version will be available free for all WIF customers after testing is finished (expected approximately 9-12 months after release). The vassal France 40 scenario is already available in the downloadssection so you can start playing now.

3) 1 Free immortal dedication in the next WiF CE Superdeluxe game re-printed (see Immortality not dead! for details). Note this does not apply to those who signed up for the Join the immortals campaign as you already own 2 counters in the Collector's edition (unless you haven't yet taken advantage of the Join the immortals campaign in which case you will be eligible on reprint); and

4) If your immortal dedication is for an America in Flames or Patton in Flames counter you get all the reprinted die-cut countersheets of that game, if it is for any reprint of the World in Flames collector’s edition game, it will be the countersheet containing your immortal dedication. Totally free, fee delivery (see Immortality not dead! for details).

Note this does apply to those who signed up for the Join the immortals campaign.Thus you will get one free countersheet set for America in Flames or Patton in Flames when reprinted, your choice, sent freight free.

When we are ready to reprint any of the WiF CE SuperDeluxe games we will post it up on our site and send you an email asking if you want to claim your immortality now, or wait until the next game is reprinted (we will say then how much we have left in stock and the likely time when the next game will be printed).

In total around $1100 worth of games, kits, downloads and other benefits in one very big box.