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Tango Down is a tense game of modern house-clearing operations, with scenarios taken from both the headlines and the movies. Hostage rescue, daring escapes, desperate last stands, ticking time bombs and more! Each player controls one or more fire teams, with each member having a counter and specific stats, augmented by Action cards that cover the fog of war, special tactics and event timing. Leaders, marksmen, fanatics, barricades, assault shields, breaching charges and more.

Tango Down includes full color rules, seventy double-sided 1” counters, two 11 x 17 maps and 18 Action cards. In addition to the ten included scenarios, units have a point system so you can choose your own forces, and the map system allows you to adapt virtually any architectural drawing into a Tango Down battleground.

70 large 1" die-cut counters
Double-sided 11" x 17" map depicting a trashed office building on one side and an abandoned warehouse on the other
1 full-color rules booklet
10 scenarios
18 action cards

Game Design: Greg Porter
Game Development: Mark H. Walker
Art: David Mack, Thomas the Intern
Players: 2
Duration: 60-120 minutes
Complexity: Low
Solitaire Suitability: Low

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