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"Chile '73" is played in two phases.

In the first, Pre-Coup phase, each turn represents weeks or months of assorted furtive activity. Players secretly choose factions uprising against (or supporting) President Salvador Allende, and take turns recruiting units to their cause, or interfering with other players, in preparation for the impending challenge to power. Players may draw random chits from a Control Pool, which gives them a chance to assume secret control of a unit (Civilian, Paramilitary or Military), or deliberately choose from a selection of Action Chits which allow them to investigate, infiltrate, neutralize or block what other players are doing.

The second, Coup phase, begins once one player declares a coup d'etat. Each turn represents one to several hours, as gameplay changes from secret plotting to open, active warfare. Players choose sides and maneuver and fight for control of vital points on an area-movement map of Santiago, capital of a Chile in chaos.

The true winner of the game is not obvious until its very end, when players reveal their hidden agendas and score according to the plans they had all along!

The game includes:

105 counters including 44 units, chits to Control them, and Action Chits to play
A 18″ x 12″ area movement map of downtown Santiago as it appeared in 1973
Rulebook and storage bag

Players: Two to four or more (maximum limited only by number of players available)
Duration: 45 to 90 Minutes
Complexity: Medium-Low

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