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"DAMOS: Army Group North" is game 1 of the Barbarossa trilogy of wargames from our new Destroy All Monsters Operational Series (DAMOS) that can be combined together as a mini-monster. Each game by itself is a straight forward operational simulation of each theater, and all 3 games share the exact same rules allowing for easy integration. Units are Divisions along with Army HQs and some Air Units.

DAMOS is a highly interactive and unique, original take on operational/strategic maneuvers during WW2. There is almost 0 player downtime for either player. DAMOS brings mechanics such as combat postures, reactions, and exploitation into the 21st century with a brand new take on some old favorite mechanics.

Army Group North covers Von Leeb’s ascent into the Baltic states in his attempt to blitzkrieg Leningrad. While performing extraordinarily well, a long drawn out siege resulted which eventually led to a German withdraw. AGN gives players the chance to do one better than Von Leeb, with the other two games in the series, the player may even borrow a Panzergruppe or 2 from AGC…

WEIGHT: 5/10


PLAYERS: 1-2, up to 6 players with AGC and AGS

—description from the designer