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"DAMOS: Army Group Center" is game 2 of the Barbarossa trilogy of wargames that can be combined together as a mini-monster. Each game by itself is a straight forward operational simulation of each theater, and all 3 games share the exact same rules allowing for easy integration. Units are divisions along with army HQs and some air units.

DAMOS is a brand new, unique take on operational scale WW2 gaming that features almost 0 player downtime. DAMOS takes tried and true wargaming conventions and repackage them forcing longtime grognards to re-approach how they think of operational tactics. Units can react, choose combat postures, and get huge exploit opportunities when they overkill an enemy.

Army Group Center covers Von Bock’s relentless drive on Moscow. Logistics must be maintained as the German army advances while the Soviets must stem the flow of Panzers as best as possible. The German player has the choice of sending a Panzer Army south as Hitler ordered historically, or keep them with AGC as the generals wanted in order to take Moscow.

WEIGHT: 6/10


PLAYERS: 1-2, up to 6 players with AGN and AGS.

—description from the designer