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Lock 'n Load Tactical Compendium Vol II Modern Era  
Now Comes in a Spiral-Bound Booklet

The Lock ’n Load Tactical Compendium Volume II collates, in a re-edited and updated format, all of the essential Modern-Era LnLT articles, maps, and scenarios from every issue of Line of Fire magazine, plus some new content.

In the Compendium Volume II, you can read indispensable articles on forces and tactics and how to deploy them in games such as Heroes of the Nam, Heroes of the Falklands, Heroes Against the Red Star, and Day of Heroes.  Get up to speed on modern tank tactics. Read about the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols (LRRPs) in Vietnam and then play two scenarios that feature them. Plus, historical articles that feature tactical insights on both Heroes of the Nam and The Bear & The Jackal provide insight and perspective into mastering the scenarios in those games—and, more importantly, in how best to defeat your opponent. And much more.

Scenarios and more gameplay are what most gamers want, and there are over 12 in Volume 2 of the Compendium. From a bold rescue mission in the jungle of Vietnam in 1972 to the Falkland Islands in 1982 and the Cold War gone Hot in 1985, there are battles to be fought, and desperate struggles to unfold. This compendium has over 100 pages with 7 articles and 12 scenarios.  This Compendium has something for everyone who’s a fan of the Lock ’n Load Tactical series’ Modern-Era games. And it’s right here: One game system, one era.

This Compendium Includes the following Scenarios and requires the following games to play: 

Catecka Tea Plantation - HotN
Ambush - HoTN
Coral Scenario 1 - HotN
Coral Scenario 2 - HotN
Into the Valley - HotN
A Very Long Night - HotN
Day of the Zed - DoH & ATZ:R
Steel Leopards - HAtRS & HiD
Do Not Go Gentle - HAtRS & HiD
Faulbach - HAtRS & HotF
Goin’ Under - HAtRS & HoN

Requirements: The following games Heroes Against the Red Star, Heroes in Defiance, Day of Heroes, Heroes of the Nam, Heroes of the Falklands, and Heroes of Normandy from the Lock 'n Load Tactical Series, and All Things Zombie: Reloaded are required to use this product to its fullest extent.  This product contains some previously released material from Line of Fire magazine.