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“This year came dreadful fore-warnings over the land of the Northumbrians, terrifying the people most woefully: these were immense sheets of light rushing through the air, and whirlwinds, and fiery dragons flying across the firmament. These tremendous tokens were soon followed by a great famine: and not long after, on the sixth day before the ides of June in the same year, the harrowing inroads of heathen men made lamentable havoc in the church of God in Holy-island, by rapine and slaughter.”    
-The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles: 793 AD

Thus began the Norse terror in England and what we now call the Viking Age. Norsemen (North-men) would plunder, terrorize, and conquer the British Isles for more than 270 years, ruling the land under The Danelaw and threatening the foundations of Christianity.

  • 700 x 500mm   1000 pieces
  • Original Painting by Jarek Nocon

- description from the publisher