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Magazyn WatW plus gra Operation Shingle: The Anzio Beachhead.


World at War magazine brings the S&T style to a focus on World War II. This unique approach goes in-depth on World War II, digging deeper into battles and campaigns, and seeking out the unusual and little known events of this vast, worldwide conflict. All feature articles are copiously illustrated with maps and photographs, with shorter articles focused on the interesting and often surprising details and events.


To reinvigorate their stalled Italian campaign, the Allies landed a reinforced corps at the small coastal town of Anzio, just 30 miles from Rome and the German supply arteries. A hesitant advance and a rapid German reaction set the stage for a nip-and-tuck battle for the beachhead.


This classic campaign is covered using the Fire & Movement system at one kilometer per hex and one day per turn. The standard unit is the infantry battalion, which can be strengthened by a multitude of tanks and other heavy weapons, plus fire support markers rated for different weapon types up to and including a massive heavy bomber strike.


Each player has several strategic options, kept secret from his opponent, to use the fight for the beachhead to further the larger campaign. All strategies and operations are constrained by limited logistics; players must balance carefully his expenditures for reinforcements, replacements, and fire support. The player who strikes the best balance, and who best utilizes the various weapons at his disposal, has the chance to achieve a war-changing victory.


Components: One 22 x 34" map & 280 counters


W magazynie:

Operation Shingle: a combat history and analysis of the January-May 1944 Anglo-American landing at Anzio, behind the main German front in Italy.

Other Articles:

·         Japanese Military Intelligence: an analysis of Tokyo’s efforts to win the war through military intelligence collection efforts, and how they failed.

·         Dead (US) Generals: a total of 12 US generals died in combat during the war. These are the stories of those KIAs.

·         The Battle of Hanko: a detailed analysis of the Finns’ successful campaign to retake this small but vital Soviet-held naval base near Helsinki.

·         Auchinleck vs. Montgomery: an compare-and-contrast analysis of the two greatest British commanders in WW2’s North African desert war. Montgomery won, but Auchinleck didn’t; this is our analysis of how that came about.



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