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Butcher & Bolt - British Commandos in Northwest Europe, 1940-1945  :   The withdrawal of the British Expeditionary Force from France in 1940 came with no    prospect of an immediate return to Europe. To continue their war with Germany, the   British formed a commando force to conduct raids against German-occupied territories.


Other Articles:

•The Defense of Java, Feb-Mar 1942: The Japanese decision to attack into the Pacific was driven by the US embargo of essential materials, most notably oil. The oil-rich Dutch East Indies would fill that gap, and in February 1942 the Japanese struck.

•Despite the Odds -   The Story of the 30th U-boat Flotilla  :  The Black Sea became an important theater of the Eastern Front when Axis forces invaded the Soviet Union in June 1942. Though not as well known as their Atlantic counterparts, German u-boats served in the Black Sea throughout the war.

•Alligators & Buffaloes - LVTs in Northwest Europe: The “Landing Vehicle, Tracked” (LVT) played a key role in both the Pacific and European theaters. Its service with the British and Canadians proved indispensable on the many rivers and waterways in northwest Europe.


Commandos: Europe puts you in charge of a team of commandos operating in Europe (and North Africa) during WWII. Your duty is to lead your men on a variety of randomly generated missions (representing orders direct from high command), choose weapons and equipment that are best suited for the mission, decide on how to posture your team, plan your approach, and a method of extraction. However, it is not quite that simple; you must choose weapons and equipment that will be the most efficient utilization of very limited resources; your goal is to disrupt the enemy’s freedom of action in your area of operations with a minimal “footprint” and minimal cost.


Components: 22x34 inch map, 280 die-cut counters.