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Great Pacific War is a solitaire game of the hypothetical campaigns fought between the United States and Japan in the Pacific Theater of Operations sometime in the 1920s or 1930s. This would have been a combined naval-air-land campaign, in which all elements of military power were utilized. The game system shows the effects of various operations over the course of a scenario. Players conduct actions that encompass discrete combat, logistical, intelligence and other operations. Most ground units in the game represent corps or armies. Aircraft units represent six to twelve squadrons of aircraft, depending on the quality of the aircraft and air force. Ship units mostly represent one fleet aircraft carrier, divisions of two or three battleships, four to eight cruisers, flotillas of twelve to twenty destroyers, or various numbers of other ships types. Each grid on the map is about 550 miles across. Each turn represents one month of operations within each turn each player can take several actions.

—description from the publisher