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Wydawca: Vae Victis (new)

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90-150 min







Magazyn o historii militarnej i grach wojennych w języku francuskim nr 146 wraz z grą Hondschoote 1793.


La bataille d'Hondschoote covers the battle fought on 8th september 1793 between a french army under the command of general Houchard and an army of the Coalition (mainly hanovrian) under the command of general von Wallmoden.

La bataille d'Hondschhote is the fourth game of the series "les soldats de la République" and is published in VaeVictis 146.

The game includes an A3 map and 108 counters and markers.

The rules provided in the rules are a simplified version of the rules of the series but it is also possible to play the game with the classical version of the rules (that can be found on the website of Vae Victis).