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WARGAME with die-cut counter Rhine & Danube, Alsace 1944

In the fall of 1944, the offensive of the 1st Army through the Vosges forests allowed the Germans to keep the attackers in check and to reconstitute a front, auguring difficult operations to come for the French, particularly in Alsace. De Lattre is preparing a major operation to break through with the 1st CA in the Belfort sector. On November 13, under snow squalls, Winston Churchill, visiting with General de Gaulle, asked the leader of the 1st Army: “You are not going to attack in such weather? "Certainly not, Mr. Prime Minister," replied de Lattre, who launched the offensive the next day. The surprise is total. On the morning of the 16th, the German positions were definitively pierced, de Lattre send the tanks of the 1st and 5th DB. Direction Belfort and the Rhine!

Rhine and Danube - Alsace 1944 simulates the offensive of the 1st French Army to bypass the Vosges from the south and seize Haute-Alsace.  This game uses the same system as Velikié Louki 1942-1943 published in VV 166.

  • Game turn: 2 days
  • One hexagon = 4 km
  • Complexity: 5/10
  • Solitaire: 7/10
  • Length of a game: approximately 3 hours