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"An engaging, detailed, and highly informative narrative…Kling fills a major gap in the story of the American Revolution in general and the cavalry of the western theater in particular." -- Jim Piecuch, author of Cavalry of the American Revolution

Cavalry. The word is not one most people would readily associate with the American Revolutionary War, particularly that portion of the war fought along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and the Gulf of Mexico. Even less recognized is the use of cavalry in the French and Indian War (the name commonly associated with the North American component of the Seven Years War). Yet cavalry units played a part in both of those wars. In the case of the western theater of the American Revolutionary War, quite a number of units were utilized by the Americans, British and Spanish, though some had limited service and most were only company or troop size. Both the British and French armies of the French and Indian War included locally raised cavalry units, but they have received little attention from modern authors.

It is the intention of this book to open up the history of cavalry in the western theater of the American Revolutionary War and during the French and Indian War, within the areas of conflict that were generally considered to be wilderness.